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CEF and your Church

If your purpose involves evangelism of the community, we can help you by providing:

  • GUIDANCE from a person trained to help you develop community outreach clubs (Good News Club®) for children.

  • A PROVEN PROGRAMME to evangelise children that is reaching out to over 20 million children each year in over 190 countries around the world where CEF operates.

  • QUALITY TRAINING to equip children's ministry workers to lead children to the Lord and disciple them in spiritual growth. Teachers will be equipped to run engaging and effective programs.

  • CURRICULUM MATERIALS and resources at an affordable price. These Bible-centred materials are attractive to children, clearly arranged for teachers and most are reusable, making them an even greater bargain.

  • A WAY TO CONTACT FAMILIES IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Through reaching the child the whole family can be reached. Many children have brought their parents and friends to know the Lord.

Growing Churches Reach Children

Research reported by George Barna in his book, User-Friendly Churches, confirms that ministering to children is a key to having a growing, healthy church. Some of the reasons given are:

  • Children represent the highest potential for conversion. Two out of every three Christian adults made their decision to accept Christ as Saviour before the age of 14.

  • Ministering to children is one way of attracting adults.

  • Children frequently have a more profound effect on the spiritual development of their parents than do a pastor or church staff.

  • Children have a way of impacting the church environment dynamically.


Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. Approximately 85% of today’s pastors and missionaries were saved as children.

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