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What is a Prayer Band?

A prayer band is two to five dedicated people who meet at a definite time each week to pray for their local children and the ministry of CEF.

A small group can meet easily, each individual is involved in the prayer, and the meeting can be kept short – only 10 minutes is required and no more than 20 minutes. You can get together over the phone, or in person, Skype or in a Zoom meeting. 

Each week a list of prayer requests will be sent to the contact person for each prayer band. Along with general requests for the ministry and children in your area, we will also give you the name of a club for which you can specifically pray. It’s exciting to read news of God working, and we look forward to including answers to prayer and testimonies from the members and the children of the individual club to which your prayer band is connected. To preserve confidentiality, the names of individual children are never mentioned. 

Children Praying

Prayer Points​

Most importantly, we ask for the Father to draw the hearts of the children to Him (John 6:44). There are thousands and thousands of children who have never heard the gospel. They may celebrate holidays called “Christmas” and “Easter” but they have absolutely no idea of who Jesus is, why He came and how much He loves them.

We ask our prayer bands to pray for the lesson, for the LORD to help the children to understand the gospel, to create a passion for learning His word, and for them to come to a saving knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2: 3-4).

We ask our prayer bands to pray for resources, specifically: people, places and permission.

  • People: to have a club, you need children. You need trained leaders, volunteers to help with other aspects like afternoon tea, running games, making crafts, supervision, security and transport. (Romans 10:14)

  • Places: CEF Clubs can run out of a church, a garage, a public hall, a school… just about anywhere. We need safe venues suitable for children to learn and play. Ideally, we also need those places to be available long term.

  • Permission: this may be one of the most important aspects of prayer for CEF ministry. We need permission to go ahead with clubs before the club can begin and we need permission from parents to allow their children to attend.

Start or Join a Prayer Band

If you are interested in starting or becoming part of a prayer band please contact us via the Contact Form

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